9) Poppet Head / Mine Shaft

Check Out The Shaft But Don't Fall Down

9) Poppet Head

Poppet heads sit over mine shafts and are used to winch ore laden buckets from below. In less hilly areas, shafts are the only entrances into the mines and therefore the only way to get ore out. Draught horses and steam engines (where available) were the most common means of lifting the heavy buckets out of the shafts using the winch. The bucket shape frame shown here would have held the ore in hessian sacks. 
Miners spent up to ten hours working hard, on the end of a pick, in often poor conditions. One of the things that is most difficult to understand about the early gold mining period is the digging of hard rock by miners often using little more than a variety of picks and cold chisels. Mogo of the 1880s would have consisted of series of small settlements wherever the mines were being worked. These small work camps had no luxuries and were much the same as conditions experienced by timber getters.