5) Betsy The Steam Engine

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5) Betsy The Steam Engine

Betsy the Steam Engine is an example of the type of power used in the 1850s for the large gold mining machinery.

The Original Gold Rush Colony used to power up Betsy to drive the massive ore crusher for demonstrations. She was a very hungry and thirsty machine, using 2,000 litres of water and a ton of ironbark wood to keep her running for just a 4 hour period.

Steam engines such as this were the cause of much environmental degradation because of the clear felling of trees to keep them running. It would take two ute loads of timber just to get her up to steam, so for demonstration purposes she is now hooked up to three phase electricity!

Once Betsy is powered up, the belt systems drive the huge cogs on the ore crusher, which then force the heads up and down. It is very instructive for young and old to observe how the teeth mesh to change the gearing ratio.

An alternative natural energy source, that might have been used on the goldfields, might have been a waterwheel.

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