39) Eurobodalla Woodworking Guild

Create and Repair Wooden Items

Artisans - The Woodies Of Eurobodalla

The Eurobodalla Woodworking Guild have put considerable effort into upgrading the space offered to them by the owners of the Original Gold Rush Colony. This is a unique "men's shed" that welcomes female members.

This energetic club welcomes, mentors, guides and assists new members of all levels of skill and knowledge. Despite their regular meeting day being Wednesdays, several of the more active members use the space daily to create wooden items of all sizes. They spend a great deal of their time creating small wooden toys for sale to purchase more wood to make more toys to give to the underprivileged for Christmas. They also take commissions as a club or individually. 

If you have had a tree felled in your property in the region, please contact the Woodies if the timber can be used for toy or furniture making. You will be helping them to give joy to many.

Gold Rush Colony Activity Details
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Woodworking Demonstration
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Day Visitors
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Accommodation Guests
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School Excursions by Arrangement
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Large Tour or Special Interest Groups by Arrangement
Mondays and Wednesdays 9am-3pm
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The Woodies
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Arrange with Reception