35) Boiler

No Longer Steaming Timber

35) Steam Boiler

This huge steam boiler has ended its working life at Perry's Mill on the shores of Batremans Bay. Whilst there it was used to generate steam for curing the timber. The timber industry is part of the region's history, and the boiler was donated to Old Mogo Town when the mill ceased operation.

Now it is the last hole in the Gold Rush Mini Golf.

Gold Rush Colony Activity Details
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Activity Name: 
Mini Golf
Activity Available To: 
Day Visitors, Accommodation Guests, Schools & Groups
by request in daylight
Day Visitors- office hours
$3 a ball
Organised By: 
The Original Gold Rush Colony
How Do I Participate: 
Pay for your clubs and balls at Reception 91m-5pm in summer 9am-4pm in winter, then play at your leisure