30) Diggers Rest Tavern

Hall For Hire - Weddings, Functions, Schools, Bush Dances & More

30) Diggers Rest Tavern Fireplace
30) Diggers Rest Tavern At Twilight
30) Digger's Rest Tavern

The Tavern As A Venue For Schools, Groups, Weddings, Functions & Events

The Diggers Rest Tavern is the hub of the Gold Rush Colony Community. It has hosted many events such as bush dances, weddings, birthdays for young and old, fund-raisers, seminars, meetings, workshops and school groups.

The unique 1850's ambience of the Tavern, with exposed beams and timber floors, adapts readily to suit all types of events. Family functions in particular are much more relaxed, as there is so much for the little ones to see and do.

There is nothing quite like hearing the rhythm a boot scooting bush dance associated with a school excursion, club dinner or colonial wedding, as the musicians push out sound from the slightly elevated stage.

1800's Australian Gold Rush Era Memorabilia & Functionality

Items of nostalgic Australian and 1800's memorabilia are everywhere, including a poster listing the names of the first-fleeters, another listing the original miners in Mogo, and more. The
magnificent bar was originally from an old Cobb and Co. depot and is
made from Australian red cedar. It is still in use for functions whether
served by our RSA certified staff, or as a soft drink counter for "dry"
and school events.

 The Pianola

It is possible for a skilled musician to still get a tune out of the Pianola, despite the sad state of the keys and piano rolls. Pianos and Pianolas were an important part of entertainment during the Australian Settler Period.

At the turn of the 19th century Australia had a total population of approximately 2 million, and 750,000 pianos had been imported. This means that on average there was a piano in every household. Legend has it that as folk grew more affluent and decided to move west to farm land, they packed all their possessions onto drays and headed over the hills on the tracks that passed for roads.

The pianos were mostly made cheaply from materials which were not able to withstand the rigours of the transport. By the time great granddad arrived, the piano was either badly out of tune, or falling apart. Even in this state it provided for evening entertainment in the days before radio, t.v. or ipods. Many uprights were both piano and pianola..

A Warm, Inviting Flexible Venue

When touring the historical town the Diggers Rest Tavern makes a great meeting place. If the weather is less benign the roaring warmth from the two huge open fireplaces provide comfort and set the scene for an enjoyable night. When dressed up for a wedding in the soft white drapes and fairy lights, the Diggers Rest Tavern transforms into a canopied fairytale room.

Gold Rush Colony Activity Details
Note: Activities are subject to change and availability, some activities are limited to; specific times and special dates or seasons, others may be by arrangement only. Please contact us if you have any questions.
Activity Name: 
Functions, Weddings, School Excursions, Heritage Days
Activity Available To: 
Day Visitors, Accommodation Guests, Schools & Groups
When Booked or Hired
Heritage days and demonstrations as per programmes
Tavern Hire From $300. Heritage Days and spinners demonstrations included in entry fee.
Organised By: 
The Original Gold Rush Colony and the Spinners (2 wednesdays a month)
How Do I Participate: 
Arrange with Reception