25) Chapel

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25) Chapel

Ministering religion on the goldfields was a difficult task for many clergymen because of the wild culture generated by gold mania. Services were held in the open air or canvas tents, until wooden churches such as the one at the Original Gold Rush Colony Mogo NSW were built around the more developed diggings, which had a sense of permanency. In an attempt to increase the number of Christian clergy at the diggings, the government increased their pay with money obtained from gold revenue. The official religion preached was Church of England, as Catholic Priests required a consecrated hall.

Traditionally Sunday was observed as a day of meditation and rest, with miners stopping their daily digging. Some  attended church services for religious reasons, others hypocritically used it as an opportunity to socialise, to see and be seen.

Chapels such as this were often used during the week to conduct the penny school, as is done for school excursion groups today.

The unconsecrated Chapel at the Original Gold Rush Colony is available for hire for weddings, baptisms, re-affirmations, and services as well as a break-out room for on-site conferences.

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