23) Settler's Hut

Wattle And Daub Construction

23) Settlers Hut Night Time Approach
23) Settlers Hut Interior

As miners became Settlers, they built more permanent homes using wattle and daub construction, a method of building which dates back to Anglo-Saxon times. The method involves driving stakes into the ground and weaving flexible branches around them, a technique known as "wattling". As the Australian Acacia family has relatively thin and springy branches which lend themselves well to this method of construction, they have become known as Wattle trees.

The resulting walls tend to be full of small (and not so small) holes which are then chinked or daubed with mud. A final coat of whitewash (a mixture of water and lime) provides some additional strength and a degree of waterproofing.

This method of building persisted until the mid 1860s when corrugated iron became commonly available, arriving as ballast on returning sailing vessels.

A one room Settlers Cottage of this size would often house a family of five, with bedrolls being spread on the floor at night and the use of a single “en-suite”, the “Guzzunder”. The Settlers Cottage at the Original Gold Rush Colony currently displays more artefacts than would traditionally have been found in such a home. Nothing was ever thrown out.

The day was long with cooking fires to be it, grains to be ground into flour, bread to be baked, cows to be milked and butter to be churned before you could have what we take forgranted today: a simple slice of bread and butter.

The display of the wash dolly, the original agitating, “hand powered”, washing machine, provides regular mirth amongst those asked to man it. Various flat-irons, and the original designs of the steam iron make us very conscious of the ease of wash day in the 21st century.

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