16) Bakers Oven

Bread For The Village and Roast on Sunday

16) Bread For The Pioneer Village
16) Typical 1800s Bakers Oven

The closest we have today to a Bakers oven, is a wood fired Pizza Oven or the French Fouasse Oven.

In the 1800s Gold Rush era, the town baker lit the fire in the oven, and when the ashes had burned down, the bread etc was baked for the goldfields pioneer villagers.

There were no thermometers, temperature gauges etc, and yet a skilled baker would produce a perfect high top loaf.

Fossikers and Diggers did most of their cooking over a camp fire. On Sundays or special days, families might have taken their roast to the baker to have it baked in his oven.

The old Bakers Oven at the Gold Rush Colony in Mogo is not in use, but we have classic Australian catering for functions and events with delicious roast, damper bread and spit roast dinners.

One of the many School Camp activities is baking traditional damper the Gold Rush diggers' way as part of the core Educational Activity "Life on the Gold Fields".