15) Mogo Inn Sleeping Quarters

No More Than 5 to A Bed

15)  Mogo Inn Sleeping Quarters

Many a digger was grateful for the relative comfort of the shared sleeping quarters associated with a shanty pub. Simple beds constructed like camp stretchers with Hessian bases, were often slept in on rotation. Five star accommodation at the Mogo Inn, has rules of the house which include  “no more than 5 to a bed” and “no boots, and no tinkers”.

The escape hatches in the wall remind visitors that safety did not prevail, as a good citizen you were at the mercy of the predatory “Clarke Gang”. As a bush-ranger, you needed to be able get away from the law.

The more sophisticated shanties were often the best place to get a bath, which were said to have been refilled after every tenth bather, so a bath in the room might be used until the water was dark as mud. In families, Dad being the most important would bath first, and the baby last, when the water was thick and it was possible to "throw the baby out with the bath water". Over time this was changed so that the relatively clean baby began the sequence.