14) Gaol - Jail

Graffiti Talks on These Walls

14)  Gaol - Inside  The Jail.

Jails like the one in the Original Gold Rush Colony were designed to travel on a flat bed rail car and were common throughout Eastern Australia. They are thought to have been manufactured in the late 1800s. In remote regional areas like Mogo during the period of the gold-rush, jails did not exist and prisoners were usually restrained by being chained to a tree by the ankles.

The cell at Old Mogo Town originated in Cooma during the building of the Snowy Scheme, then on to Goulburn. It was later moved to Batemans Bay where it was decommissioned in 1987. The double thickness floorboards were replaced in 1975 after the original single floorboards were burnt in an attempted escape.

A cell of this nature would not be acceptable today because there are apertures though which  one can thread the thickness of a shoelace. The limitation was created because of a sad increase in the number of deaths in custody.