11) Butcher's Gallis

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11) Butchers Gallis

The butcher's gallis is suited for cattle. The beast would be stunned or shot. The hind legs would be roped together, and the beast hoisted up on the gallis. The jugular would be slit and the blood either allowed to drain onto the sawdust or saved to make the likes of blood pudding. The hide would be slit on the belly from stem to stern, and pealed off the beast, which would then be left to set. 

Because most of the animals were wild scrubbers, the carcass would be left to mature and tenderise. At times it was left till it began to turn green. Sometimes they would refer to the green meat as "gamy".

The butcher's block was primitive and serviceable, with the meat sold by the cut.

The land on which the Original Gold Rush Colony is established was once a cattle fattening area