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Starting Point For The Original Gold Rush Tour

Tour Clock

This is the starting point for your one hour tour of the Gold Rush Colony. To maximise your experience, take a guided tour with one of our experienced tour guides.

Alternatively for a self guided tour we have written information in English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish available at reception. For a relaxed and informal tour - grab a map and feel free to wander through in your own way reading the strategically placed storyboards.

Check the tour clock for the time of the next Guided Tour, which will commence with a demonstration of how to pan for gold in the tank behind the clock. Feel free to drop off or join up with the Tour Guide at any point or follow our suggested route to explore the buildings and exhibits or the Early Australia Gold Rush days of the 1850's.

Not all exhibits are covered in the guided tour. Each tour guide will pepper the tour with personal anecdotes and touches whilst remaining true to the core of what the Original Gold Rush Colony is about.

Feel free to spend some time wandering the grounds, panning for gold, meditating and contemplating, or enjoy your picnic.

Gold Rush Colony Activity Details
Note: Activities are subject to change and availability, some activities are limited to; specific times and special dates or seasons, others may be by arrangement only. Please contact us if you have any questions.
Activity Name: 
Guided & Self Guided Gold Rush Colony Tours
Activity Available To: 
Day Visitors, Accommodation Guests, Schools & Groups
10.30am, noon, 1.30pm, 3pm Daily one hour tours
By appointment for Groups
Included in Day Visitor Entry Fee (from $15), Groups by Arrangement or Free for Accommodation Guests
Organised By: 
The Original Gold Rush Colony
How Do I Participate: 
Guided tours are subject to change, Please confirm at reception as to which guided tour you want to participate in.