Observe the Heavens

Eclipse 4 2007
Eclipse 3 2007
Eclipse 2 2007
Eclipse 1 2007

Obviously, stargazing is not available to day visitors, but it is mentioned here because the grounds of the Original Gold Rush Colony are a perfect place to watch the movement of the celestial bodies on a clear night.

Lie on your back on the grass paddock and dream about astral travel, or watch the stars and moon come into focus on crystal clear nights.

The NSW South Coast sky is clear and bright, giving you a good old-fashioned country night sky display. Don't forget to step outside to have a look when you come to stay at our South Coast Accommodation cabins & bunkhouses or when you are attending an evening function or wedding.

For a full list of the activities available to Accommodation guests please see the Holiday Activities Section.

These photographs were taken in the Colony grounds during the lunar eclipse of 2007.

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Look Up At The Sky
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