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Period Portraits - Group In Costume
17) Period Portraits -Wanted Poster

 (Available NSW School Holidays)


While visiting the Original Gold Rush Colony in Mogo a favourite way to capture your experience is with a Period Photo Shoot - for groups, families, couples or individuals.

You can dress up, in Australian 1800s Gold Rush era costumes, to have a personalised picture created by Elizabeth - our in house photographer. Elizabeth creates a charactor for each individual such as a bushranger, a gentleman, a red coat soldier, a tavern wench or a ladies maid.

Children are taken back to the 1850s with girls wearing in long dresses and boys in ragged pants with shirt and waistcoat - everyone wears a hat.

This can then be turned into either a period portrait or wanted poster to hang on your bedroom wall or take pride of place in your living room. This makes a wonderful personalized souvenir of your fun day at The Original Gold Rush Colony Mogo.

This is a great way to have your unique annual family photo done. Step back in time as a hard-working single, romantic couple, or waif of the hard times of the 1850's.

Wanted Posters can be done on the spot in around 10 minutes, family groups of 4 take betwenn 20 minutes and half an hour. Please allow longer for Group Portraits. Large groups need to make an appointment to ensure they can be fitted into the time available.

Framing and / or Laminating options are available.

Schools and Groups - individual, laminated Wanted Posters can be arranged as an Extra Activity for your group.

This does take time, so please book with our groups co-ordinator to incorporate as part of your itinerary.

Gold Rush Colony Activity Details
Note: Activities are subject to change and availability, some activities are limited to; specific times and special dates or seasons, others may be by arrangement only. Please contact us if you have any questions.
Activity Name: 
Period Portrait or Wanted Posters
Activity Available To: 
Day Visitors, Accommodation Guests, Schools & Groups
Daily during school holidays 11am - 3pm
Or By appointment
From $15
Organised By: 
Elizabeth McLennan
How Do I Participate: 
Knock on the door when Elizabeth is in house or contact reception to make an appointment
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