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If you are looking for a fun activity suitable for all ages to add to your South Coast NSW day out or holiday touring must do list, then you need to put Panning For Gold at the Original Gold Rush Colony in Mogo, near Batemans Bay on the agenda.

You can pan for real gold as a free all weather activity which is included in your entry fee to the Gold Rush Colony. Day visitors and overnight accommodation guests are welcome to pick up a pan and have a go at anytime during daylight.

On the Gold Rush Colony's daily Guided Tours, your friendly tour guide will teach you techniques at the beginning of the tour which you can put into practice at your leisure when the tour is finished, lingering a little longer in the Theme Park to enjoy the activity of Panning.

Tranquil Setting Sets The Scene For Your Panning Adventure

On a beautiful sunny day, the light is perfect to learn to pan for gold.

Beside the lake beneath the trees, with leaves fluttering and dancing in the breeze we have shady spots to work in. The gentle slap of water from the waterwheel is refreshing  and calming for a day visitor who wants to while away some time with the family.

At The Original Gold Rush Colony the atmosphere is much more relaxed than in the dustbowls where dry panning is practiced.  Water from the gold bearing creek feeds the 3 dams, and washes the panning pond. Visitors do not have to contend with leeches, eels and ticks in the natural water-ways, and can learn to pan in greater comfort and safety.

No-one escapes that thrilling moment when you have got rid of all the slurry of stones and leaves, and have just got some fine river sand and a little water in your pan. There is that moment of suspended time, when you swirl the water and sand, and search in the tail of sand for bright shining gold mustard. 

Learning Gold Panning Techniques & Extending Your Experiences

If you practice well, and get "Gold Fever" you can purchase a pan from our gift shop, then go fossiking. When you hit a lucky strike, you will quickly understand why swirling of water and sand is called "tailing". Your "tailing" could have enough gold in it to look like the tail of a comet.

Part of the policy of the Original Gold Rush Colony is to ensure that the panning pond has sufficient  real gold mustard scattered through it each day to emulate the levels found in the creek which feeds the dams from the east.

The Original Gold Rush Colony is the perfect base for the amateur
fossiker. Spend a day or an hour to get used to the techniques and have some fun, then stay on in our
accommodation to try your luck in the areas west of Mogo village.

School Excursions & Camps - Student Activities

The staff at the The Original Gold Rush Colony, and visiting schools, never cease to appreciate the joy and excitement of a group of school children finding their very own real gold. Whether on a day excursion or overnight camps as the contents of their pans go from "urky murky yuk" to  half a cup of water and a little washed river sand, early frustration and patience is rewarded. Lo and behold, as children tail away they see the unmistakable glint of gold and yell out "sweet, awesome, cool"

Each student has a special souvenier vial with a custom made black label, which they fill with clean water. Their gold "mustard" is lifted from their gold pan with a dry finger, which is inserted into the vial, and the gold is floated off. We know the souvenier vial is treasured, as young parents have returned with their own children and told us of their school excursion 12 years ago.

Group Tours & Add On Activities (Weddings, Events) 

The setting for panning provides for all ages to pan in relative comfort. There are several wooden stumps which provide seating for older fossikers, who do not have the stamina to bend or kneel for long. Groups of all kinds love the camaraderie and light hearted challenge of panning together to be the first, to find gold, or to find the most.

Even wedding retinues have joined in the fun of Panning For Real Gold at Mogo.

Gold Rush Colony Activity Details
Note: Activities are subject to change and availability, some activities are limited to; specific times and special dates or seasons, others may be by arrangement only. Please contact us if you have any questions.
Activity Name: 
Pan For Gold
Activity Available To: 
Day Visitors, Accommodation Guests, Schools & Groups
All Day From 10am to 5pm
Included in Entry Price
Organised By: 
The Original Gold Rush Colony
How Do I Participate: 
Pick up a pan from the stack at the water wheel and start panning.
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