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The Original Gold Rush Colony Mogo provides a bird watching experience when you come for a tour, picnic or other outing at the award-winning South Coast NSW tourism attraction.

It's not unusual to sit and watch a parade of ducks, geese or peacocks that roam freely around the grounds. There is also a small aviary, just behind reception that you should visit.

The 13 acre property with its 3 dams and native Australian bush environment, provides a natural habitat for birdlife. You may sight and hear the inhabitants of the Mogo State Forest which surrounds the property on 3 sides.

When you linger on at the Original Gold Rush Colony, after the last tour of the day, you may see many bird species including the Australian King-Parrots, Azure Kingfishers, Crimson Rosellas and Rainbow Lorikeets, Sulphur- crested Cockatoos, Galahs, Kookaburras and Currawongs.

If you are lucky you may sight our resident bower bird at the Bower Bird Bridge, if not, the collection of all the special items collected by the Bower Bird is available to view (see tour link below for more information).

If you are interested in birdlife, read more via the links below for further information about on property, Mogo and larger South Coast NSW birdwatching opportunities.

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Bird Watching
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