Arts & Crafts At The Colony Overview

Watch Artisans At Work

The early settlers of Australia did not have a corner hardware store they could visit whenever they needed some gadget or tool. They had to make do with the materials and implements they had to hand or could make or trade from other locals.

Little skill was needed to swing a pickaxe at, or lug ore buckets from the ore face at the mine. But a person with skill in a useful craft could be highly respected and sought after. Where would a miner be, for instance, if his pick broke and needed to be welded together again.

To see skilled workers at their craft is one of the features at the Original Gold Rush Colony on club days, heritage days and school excursions. See working displays of talented locals wielding their tools as blacksmiths, wood turning , spinning and dot painting. Talk to these people and watch them at their work to gain knowledge about their crafts.

As in those early days, business opportunities exist here for other artists and craftspeople with skills that are complementary to the theme of this historical 1800's township, to establish workshops on site. A dedicated strip of land is set aside for this purpose and the potential to flourish in a co-operative.