1850s Rock Crusher Demonstration

Hear & See Pounding Heads Crush Granite

Activity - Ore Crusher Demonstration
6)  Rock Crusher Cogs Closeup

South Coast Family Excursion To See Mechanical Force In Action

Years ago, when all 10 heads were going, hitting on quartz to release the precious metals (gold), the deafening sound was a call to visitors in nearby Mogo village. The whole hill would shake.

Now visitors of all ages can come and hear the pounding of the Heads, as 5 heads of the 10 head stamper belt out their rhythm, for a minute or so,  when each tour guide sets the crusher going . This free activity is included in the entry price to the Original Gold Rush Colony

Everyone needs to use a bit of imagination, using the mind's eye to see the skip empty its load of quartz and let it rumble down into the crusher bed. Similarly we need to imagine the flow of water that would wash the crush over the plate.

Visitors young and old, are still made very conscious of the power that thumps down when each head makes contact with protective rubber matting that replicates the effect on the heads when crushed quartz and water cushioned the metal on metal.

As you move to your left you will be able to see the way the belts from Betsy the Steam Engine drive the cogs which control the stamper. This is an awesome display of controlled power used in the 1850's.

School Excursions & Group Tours

School students will be able to have a really fascinating look at the world of cogs as they mesh, and better understand their science lessons. A demonstration of the working Stamper is part of the Schools & Groups - Gold History Tour.

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Crusher Demonstration
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Day Visitors, Accommodation Guests, Schools & Groups
Four times daily during tour - 10.45am, 12.15pm, 1.45pm and 3.15pm
By appointment for Groups and Schools (as per activity packages)
Included in entrance fee or free for accommodation guests.
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Tour Guides
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Be at the rock crusher at times above.
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