Gold Rush Colony Tour

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1) Tour Clock

Starting point for 1 hour guided tour of the Gold Rush Theme and demonstration how to pan for gold.  Feel free to drop off or join up at any...
Tour Clock

10) Burnt Out Miners Hut

A careless match in a non drawing flue of the fireplace turned a neat, cosy Miners Hut like the building opposite, into an ashy ruin.
10) Burnt Out Miners Hut

11) Butcher's Gallis

The butcher's gallis is suited for cattle. The beast would be stunned or shot. The hind legs would be roped together, and the beast hoisted up on the...
11) Butchers Gallis

12) Apothecary / Barber / Undertaker

This building was originally the paymasters shed at Perry's Mill, on Beach Rd. Batemans Bay (The current site of Spinnaker's Reach Apartments)....
12) Apothecary Barber Undertaker

13) Police Station

The Police Station Building
13) Police Station

14) Gaol - Jail

Jails like the one in the Original Gold Rush Colony were designed to travel on a flat bed rail car and were common throughout Eastern Australia. They...
14)  Gaol - Inside  The Jail.

15) Mogo Inn Sleeping Quarters

Many a digger was grateful for the relative comfort of the shared sleeping quarters associated with a shanty pub. Simple beds constructed like camp...
15)  Mogo Inn Sleeping Quarters

16) Bakers Oven

The closest we have today to a Bakers oven, is a wood fired Pizza Oven or the French Fouasse Oven. In the 1800s Gold Rush era, the town baker lit...
16) Typical 1800s Bakers Oven

17) Period Portrait - Photo Studio

(Available NSW School Holidays) The Period Portraits - Photo Studio houses a range of period costumes for the Gold Rush photo shoots.
17) Period Portraits -Wanted Poster

18) Mogo Inn Shanty Pub

Mogo boasted 38 Shanty Pubs during the height of the gold-rush, ranging from shanties to sly grog tents.
Events - Inside the Shanty Pub

19) Blacksmith

The Blacksmith played a vital role in an 1850's mining village. There was often rivalry as to whether the Smithy was more important than the pub.
19) Blacksmith Brand

2) Wagon Stall / Furphy Tank

The Furphy water cart was invented by John Furphy, an experienced blacksmith and wheelwright. It was first made between 1878-1880 in Shepparton,...
2) Furphy Tank End- Plate

20) Timber Jinker / Drays

When one observes the timber jinker and bullock dray, it is easy to understand why the wheelwright was just as important as the Blacksmith in the...
20)  Timber Jinker & Bullock Dray

21) Joss House

It is believed there were about 7,000 Chinese people living and working on the NSW Araleun goldfields in the 1800s Australian Gold Rush days. The...
21)  Chinese Joss House Altar

22) Woodturner

Woodturning is a technique used to create wooden objects on a lathe where the wood is moving while a stationary tool is used to cut and shape it into...
Artisans - Wooden Spinning Tops

23) Settler's Hut

As miners became Settlers, they built more permanent homes using wattle and daub construction, a method of building which dates back to Anglo-Saxon...
23) Settlers Hut Interior

24) Miners Tent

Tents and Bark Gunyahs were commonly used by the diggers as they had to always be ready to move on if the lease they were working on dried up. Canvas...
24) Miners Tent Sam Bellette

25) Chapel

Ministering religion on the goldfields was a difficult task for many clergymen because of the wild culture generated by gold mania. Services were...
25) Chapel

26) Gunya Site

Bark Gunyas have been used as shelter for centuries by the nomadic Aborigines of Australia. The dwelling made of bark and logs can be left behind...
Weddings - Gunya Honeymoon Suite With A Differrence

27) Bowerbird Bridge

The Original Gold Rush Colony has been home to a bower bird for many years. Visitors strolling across Bower Bird Bridge may think we are an untidy...
Birdlife - Bower Bird's Nest

28) Graveyard

The north eastern corner of the Original Gold Rush Colony is taken up with Boot Hill. Wooden headstones give an insight into the Iconic Aussie sense...
28) Graveyard

3) Post Office

The Post Office in Mogo was one of the first to be built outside the Sydney region. It was opened in 1869 under the auspices of Postmaster George...
3)  Post Office Letterbox

30) Diggers Rest Tavern

The Tavern As A Venue For Schools, Groups, Weddings, Functions & Events The Diggers Rest Tavern is the hub of the Gold Rush Colony Community. It...
30) Digger's Rest Tavern

31) Waterwheel And Gold Panning

During the day as the peacefulness and atmosphere of the Original Gold Rush Colony's lakes and the Mogo State Forest wash over visitors, the water...
31)  Waterwheel

Activities Within The Gold Rush Colony

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1850s Rock Crusher Demonstration

South Coast Family Excursion To See Mechanical Force In Action Years ago, when all 10 heads were going, hitting on quartz to release the precious...
6)  Rock Crusher Cogs Closeup