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The tour guides and activity facilitators at the Gold Rush Colony in Mogo near Batemans Bay NSW South Coast have personalities and skills to make your day tour, school excursion or school camp and special event or retreat a fun event.
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Position / Role: 
Aboriginal Activities

Sharon "Darkie" Mason

Community Member - Glenn Hall
Position / Role: 
Surfing Instructor - Offsite

Glenn signed a contract with St George Ruby Club in 1997, and was also employed by the club's junior rugby league development officer. Glen left St George to travel to California where he worked as a wakeboard/waterski instructor. He then worked In the Kids Snowboard Program in Whistler and Blackcomb  British Columbia Canada.

Community Member - Tim Lassau
Position / Role: 
Surfing Instructor - Offsite

Tim is a 3rd generation south coast local who knows nearly all that is possible to know about the beautiful beaches and waterways of the Batemans Bay area.

Activity - Mini Harp Playing At Mogo
Position / Role: 

Anna Jarrett is an internationally acclaimed Australian professional storyteller and accredited trainer with 25 years experience travelling and telling stories.

Schools - Koorie  Bushtucker Of The Eurobodalla
Position / Role: 
Koorie Educational Officer

Rod is a wonderful historian and educator on all aspects of Koorie Life. Local Aboriginal Community Liason Officer Rod is co-ordinator for all our Koorie activities at the Gold Rush Colony. Rod is a leader in his field running our bush tucker walks, dreamtime stories, cultural stories, traditional gunya building and banner art.

Community Member - Corey Peterson
Position / Role: 
Outdoors manager. Tour guide. Bus driver

Corey is the longest serving member of staff, joining Old Mogo Town in its infancy.

He has taken extended leave on occasions to work in other tourist facilities, and returned with an enhanced skill base.
He is seen here in his traditional dry-as-a-bone which he wears as a uniform in wet or cold conditions.

Community Member - Elizabeth McLennan
Position / Role: 

Elizabeth is the Grandmother of our team, coaxed out of retirement by Maureen in 2002 to set-up the financial side of this growing business. She fell in love with the park and is still here.

Events -Guitar Strumming Singalong
Position / Role: 
Tour Guide- School Activities - Headmaster

Tour Guide and Actor Rob Wombey brings his exuberant skills to make the Penny School lessons for School excursion groups at The Original Gold Rush Colony in Mogo fun for all.The classic gown he wears as the Headmaster is typical of the 1850's teachers and professors.

At other times you will enjoy his tour as he gets into the role and spirit of the 1850's.

Community Member - Ross Hosking
Position / Role: 
Tour Guide School Activities - Headmaster


Ross's knowledge of British, Australian & Local History and Australian Literature is particularly appropriate to his work with visiting school groups.

Ross designed the educational module for the 1850s classroom experience in which he acts as a formal and stern schoolmaster, encouraging respect from the students - even normally noisy children.

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