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The Colony is bounded by the Mogo State Forest on 3 sides this is a natural habitat for many species of birds offering a contrast with the domestic flocks of ducks and geese on the property.
Nature - Swamp Lilly Coastal Remedy

Sap from the leaves will sooth skin irritations like  the occasional bluebottle stings when swimming on the NSW South Coast beaches.

Nature - Snake Whistle

Berries in Summer,or Snake attractor all year, the Paroo Lily of the NSW South Coast was an essential to the Koorie people.

Nature - Native Paperbark

This small paperbark will grow into a useful tree at The Original Gold Rush Colony. Fish or meat wrapped in bark can be cooked over hot stones.

Nature - Lilly Pilly

Aboriginals eat the berries raw. Nowadays we prefer delicious Lilly Pilly jam often available at the nearby Moruya markets.

Birdlife - Majestic Sea Eagle

Come and meet the birds of the Eurobodalla Region. Stay in comfortable cabin accommodation in Mogo as a base for an eco / nature retreat while you explore the beautiful NSW South Coast, its marine and river waterways and all the birdlife & wildlife that inhabit the region.

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Tourism - Dolphin Watching Jervis Bay

A Dolphin Watching cruise at Jervis Bay is an ideal stopping point activity when travelling from Sydney to Batemans Bay and your destination at the Original Gold Rush Colony in Mogo on the NSW South Coast.
School and tour groups can arrange to participate in this nature activity as part of a school excursion, camp or other group booking.
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Birdlife - Tawny Frogmouth

The tawny frogmouth is often mistakenly thought of as an owl because they are active at night. However they do not have the curved talons that owls have to catch their prey. Corey took this remarkable picture of our resident tawny frogmouth.

Birdlife - Peacock In The Picnic Area

The Original Gold Rush Colony usually has one adult male peacock in the grounds. When the young males mature, they need to be found homes, or they fight over the females.

Birdlife - Rosella On The Balconey

The grounds of the Original Gold Rush Colony of Mogo provide a resting place for many native birds.  It is not uncommon to find a rosella on  the balcony of the manager's residence.

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