Gold Gold Gold... all things gold!

Gold panning, Gold quartz, Gold crushing, Gold mining - it's all about gold, real gold at The Original Gold Rush Colony in Mogo on the NSW South Coast of Australia.
Gold Equipment - Tin Rocking Cradle

The slurry of sand, silt and alluvial gold would be washed down and rocked through the rocking cradle to separate out the gold.

Gold Equipment - Wooden Rocking Cradle

The coarse sieve at the top of the rocking cradle caught the larger stones and debris when the slurry was poured into the top of the cradle. The rocking movement let the gold sand and water sluice through the shelves, till the gold only was left.

Gold Equipment - Retort and Crucible

After the tinning process using mercury and cyanide had trapped the gold on the crusher bed, the resulting "putty" would be heated in a crucible. Sometimes the retort would be attached and the toxic metal vapour recycled.

Gold Equipment - Gold Pans At Mogo

Select a Pan  from the stack available, to suit your size and strength, then learn how to pan for gold at The Original Gold Rush Colony.

Gold - Panning For the Young

The panning techniques taught at the Original Gold Rush Colony can be followed by all ages. Bill and Tom were very quick to learn how to wash away the bulk of the sand leaving the elusive gold mustard in the pan.

Gold Nugget and Corey

In the days when The Original Gold Rush Colony was known as Old Mogo Town Gold Rush Theme Park, Corey our long standing Tour Guide went out prospecting in the area with some mates. His chagrin was great when his mate found the nugget. Gold in the Mogo area is of exceptionally high quality assaying at up to 23.84.

Gold Nuggety Nugget

Gold Nuggets this size are reasonably rare in the Mogo / South Coast NSW area. Most of Australia's alluvial gold of any good size was discovered during the heady days of the 1850's.

Gold Lucky Strike

On Heritage Days at Mogo, the owners of the Original Gold Rush Colony add a good sized nugget to the mustard in the panning pond. Some years it is not found on the day. In 2011 we had a beaming winner with her lucky strike.

Gold For Fools

This Gold Pan is full of chunks of Fools Gold. In the sun it glistens and tricks you into believing you have struck real pay dirt. The knowledgeable guides at the Original Gold Rush Colony Theme Park can teach you how to tell the difference, so that you will not be anyone's fool.

Schools - Australian Gold License

Fossickers in Australia had to purchase a license to have the right to pan or dig for gold. They would have to be fortunate to find nuggets this size.

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