Gold Rush Colony - Theme Park

Take a photo tour of the Gold Rush Theme Park which is a reproduction of an original 1800s village offering an experience of what live was like in the Australian Gold Rush Era.
31)  Waterwheel

Waterwheels provide motive power.  They were used by the  local logging industry, particularly for the pit-saws. At the Gold Rush Colony Mogo, the water wheel is driven by a "Davey" stream and keeps the panning pond fresh.

23) Settlers Hut Night Time Approach

After a hard day's work, the glow from this modest wattle and daub cottage would welcome the weary. Smoke from the chimney indicates dinner and rest might be quickly available.

31) Boy Panning for Gold

Some school excursion groups get right into character. Concentration is needed to identify the gold mustard in the pan.

7)  Mine Tunnel Top Access

The mine tunnel drive was purpose built to give the experience of being underground, and to expose the workings of the mine shaft which was sunk through the hill.  On the guided tour this is the exit to the mine, however it may be used for wheelchair or pram easy access. This was the film lot site for the Tunnel of Doom in Nickelodeon's Camp Orange 3, The Mystery of Spaghetti Creek.

36)  Printing Press

The Hand press has been fully restored by Ken our wonderful volunteer, and is on display at the Original Gold Rush Colony, together with the original printing press and newspaper folder from Moruya NSW just 17km away. For more information click the link below.

18)  Mogo Inn  Inside the Shanty Pub

Refresh and revive, beer or tap, and a bubbling pot of Pot Luck Stew. Miners could warm up, pay with gold mustard, and win or loose their money at a hand or two of poker.

3)  Post Office Letterbox

This bright red letter box is stamped E R for Elizabeth Rex,the Queen of England and Australia, and really belongs to a more recent time in Australian History.

21) Chinese Joss House

The Chinese came to the Australian Gold Rush in great numbers. They continued to pay reverence to their Gods in Joss Houses such as the one in the Original Gold Rush Colony in Mogo on the NSW south coast.

34) Saddlery Wagon Wheel

Wagon Wheels were tied with a metal rim, which protected the timber. Our word Tyres come from this. Pneumatic tyres give you a much more comfortable ride than wheels like the one displayed outside the Original Gold Rush Colony Saddlery. 

15) Mogo Inn

This is a typical resting place for tired miners and travelers of the 1850's Australian Gold Rush. It provided some shelter from the elements.

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