Gold Rush Colony - Theme Park

Take a photo tour of the Gold Rush Theme Park which is a reproduction of an original 1800s village offering an experience of what live was like in the Australian Gold Rush Era.
4) Wash House

The washerwomen were lucky to have a water pump outside the building in which they took care of the clothing brought to them to wash. A walk inside will remind us of how easy we have it today with automatic washing machines, and non-iron fabrics.

7) Mine Tunnel Miner's Tools

The Original Gold Rush Colony on the NSW South Coast has a display in the mine tunnel, of the simple tools used by the shaft and drive Mogo miners of the 1850's demonstrate how back breaking the job was. The different lengths and weights of the picks and pick-axes were used for different surfaces, maintained by the village blacksmith. Miners often worked from a single lantern light in dangerous conditions.

7) Mine Tunnel Skip

The Shoring on the mine tunnel of the Original Gold Rush Colony  is more than you would normally see in a real mine tunnel. This "corridor" was created to expose the workings of the Mine Shaft, so that visitors could walk through in safety, without the use of hard hats.

Reception -  Model Poppet Head

This model of a poppet head stands at the entrance to the Original Gold Rush Colony Mogo on the NSW South Coast. A working poppet head is at the top of the mine shaft around which the entire living museum has been created.

38) International LBA

One of the beautifully renovated pieces of machinery displayed at The Original Gold Rush Colony Southern NSW by the Moruya and District Antique Machinery and Tractor Association.

38) Antique Machinery Piece

This piece of machinery only needs a little more attention from the members of the Moruya and District Antique Machinery and Tractor Association before it runs again. Some parts have been removed, cleaned and now await paint and grease.

21)  Chinese Joss House Altar

The altar in the Mogo Gold Rush Colony  NSW Chinese Joss House has 3 of everything e.g.3 deities, 3 tiny cups and 3 plates with 3 pieces of fruit, as  traditional offerings for prosperity.

30) Diggers Rest Tavern Fireplace

Two  huge blazing fires in the fireplaces of the Diggers Rest Tavern create a cozy atmosphere during cold southern NSW winters. Fires are set for groups  functions and school camps at the Original Gold Rush Colony. Tables may be set with the tiny candle lanterns you can see on the mantelpiece.They create a soft romantic light for weddings and special parties.

21)  Chinese Joss House Portal

At the Mogo Original Gold Rush Colony, the Buddhist temple has the usual prevalence of yellow and red tonalities. The roof is decorated with traditional dragons, and 2 foo dogs guard the entrance.

23) Settlers Hut Interior

Try and compare this humble space with how we live now.  The "en suite" is under the bed. A family of 5 would  cook, eat, do chores, live and sleep in this one room, during the rough and tumble early settlers days of the Gold Rush in Southern NSW.

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