Gold Rush Colony - Theme Park

Take a photo tour of the Gold Rush Theme Park which is a reproduction of an original 1800s village offering an experience of what live was like in the Australian Gold Rush Era.
25) Chapel

The charming non-denominational Chapel at the Original Gold Rush Colony Mogo, is available for marriages, baptisms, re-affirmations and prayer groups. It is also used as our Penny School for student groups under 50.

25) Chapel Interior

Simple timber floor and ceilings, whitewashed walls and hard pews may have made the long Sunday services of the 1850's seem to go on forever. The mining communities of the 1850's on the NSW south coast made use of the camaraderie and music from the organ however out of tune. A saving grace was the tree lined views beneath the quaint stained glass window.

20)  Timber Jinker & Bullock Dray

The iron ties on the wheels of these transport vehicles made for a rough ride, but were generally kind to the under-story of the forest.

24) Miners Tent Sam Bellette

Sam and Bill Bellette made their way to the Araluen Gold Fields and settled in the Mogo Region of NSW. The potato sacking made good camp beds.  Their tent was more spacious than most. As Miners they did very well, and left a great heritage for their families who still live in the Batemans Bay region. Sam Bellette Senior came out on the first fleet.

19) Blacksmith's Branding Irons

The Blacksmith at the Original Gold Rush Colony Mogo would have been kept busy making branding irons  with different designs or letters, to use to identify property. This was in the days before ear-tags, name-tags and bar codes. Some items are for sale in the gift shop.

13)  Police Station Wanted Posters

Lawler and Black were wanted in the Ballarat Region. On the left is the photograph taken of the Clarke Brothers at their arraignment in Braidwood after being wanted in the Arauluen Goldfields area. On the right is an example of Wanted Posters created on site at the Original Gold Rush Colony Mogo NSW.

19) Blacksmith Brand

A Blacksmith would be asked to create an identifying brand on the end of a long pole. In this case the W could indicated that the item branded belonged to Mr Waddell the first miner to find gold in Mogo NSW Australia. The Brand end would be heated in the fire, then pressed against the surface of the item, be it wood or livestock.

13) Police Station Office

Mogo's Original Gold Rush Colony has a small tribute to Australia's most famous Bush Ranger Ned Kelly. He was not from these parts, but his wanted poster would have appeared in the Limestone police station, together with many others, such as the notorious Clarke brothers.

12) Apothecary Barber Undertaker

Many "professionals"  on the Arualuen Gold Fields in southern NSW had more than one role. The Apothecary dispensed medicines known today as Galenicals. Some of the powders and tinctures are coming back into fashion. The Barber in Mogo used a cut-throat razor for a very clean shave.

Events - Warming At The Diggers Rest Tavern Fire

If it is cold or wet, the tour guides at The Original Gold Rush Colony on the NSW south coast, wear the traditional stock-man's garb of a Dry-as-a-bone. When there is a blazing fire roaring in the stone fire-place, it is tempting to thaw out between tours in the Diggers Rest Tavern.

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