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The Eurobodalla Spinners group meet in The Diggers Rest Tavern at the Original Gold Rush Colony 2 wednesdays a month and on heritage days. New Members welcome. School groups may be lucky enough to experience these charming ladies in the background.

The Eurobodalla Spinners (TES) at the Original Gold Rush Colony. Come and meet TES while visiting The Original Gold Rush Colony in Mogo. 
TES is a group of spinners that emerged out of The Eurobodalla Alpaca Group, (TEAG) formed in 2004. A resurgence of the interest in spinning in the Eurobodalla was becoming more apparent when the group expanded to include non alpaca owners using various fibres and techniques. The spinners weave, knit, crochet, felt and organise their finished products to show case this ancient craft in traditional and modern styles.

The objective of the group is to have fun while producing beautifully made items. An added feature is the preservation of traditional skills in keeping with the historic surroundings while sharing their knowledge and experience with visitors of all ages.

Through the generosity and support of Maureen Nathan and her convivial staff the spinners were given permission to use The Diggers’ Rest Tavern, a spacious area, on a regular basis. The Tavern is a hive of activity for the visitors and guests while the spinners add to the atmosphere of ‘Ye Olde Worlde” charm. All are welcome to try their hand at spinning or join the group to learn more about various ways of manipulating fleece and fibre. TES (The Eurobodalla Spinners) can be found in the Diggers’ Rest Tavern of the Original Gold Rush Colony every second and fourth Wednesday of each month from 10 till 3.

Come spin a yarn with us!