Georgina Jackson

Community Member - Georgina Jackson
Position / Role: 
General Manager

Georgina has grown into her job.
Her skills and passion for everything around the Original Gold Rush Colony, include modelling in the Wattle and Daub Cottage, and dancing the light fantastic at winning the South Coast Tourism Awards, some of her crowning achievements.

She has written 3 winning submissions taking out the first prize for Heritage and Culture for South Coast Tourism. The Original Gold Rush Colony is now in the South Coast Hall of Fame.

Georgina cheerfully leads her varied team with a generous heart and compassionate nature without ever forgetting the needs wants and desires of our clients, ranging from school excursion groups, day visitors, or overnight residents in our wheelchair accessible cabin.

She arranges, co-ordinates and project-manages school excursions to The Original Gold Rush Colony.

She has the willingness and capacity to fill in for any of the staff in any emergency.

Georgina couples running the multifaceted Colony with patience and meticulous planning for all occasions. Her organisational skills have resulted in the facility having an enviable record for on site excursions.

Georgina's goal is to improve all the facets of The Original Gold Rush Colony, year by year, so that it continues to evolve and remain the landmark in our industry. Her suggestions for running the facility are heartily endorsed by the  owners, who have re-invested regularly to facilitate her idea such as the environmental policy,extra cabins and the successful application for a liquor licence for on-site functions in 2012.

More Information
Certificate 3 - Tourism
Approved Manager - Casino, Liquor and Gaming Control Authority
Lives At: 
Mogo NSW
Photography - Travel - Antiques - Historical Society
Her goal is to continue to have The Gold Rush Colony as a landmark in the tourism industry.