The Orginal Gold Rush Colony - Staff & Community

The people and groups who make up the Community at The Original Gold Rush Colony in Mogo on the South Coast of NSW Australia form a strong network to help make the venue a great experience for day tours, overnight & holiday stays, school and group camps and retreats and functions of all types.

Maureen Nathan

Community Roles: Owner
Maureen is the primary owner and driving force behind the scenes of this NSW South Coast family owned business. Maurreen purchased Old Mogo Town to help keep the European History of Australia and the local Koorie History alive and to provide a "stay another day" holiday activity for the tourists...
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Community Member - Maureen Nathan

Georgina Jackson

Community Roles: General Manager
Georgina has grown into her job. Her skills and passion for everything around the Original Gold Rush Colony, include modelling in the Wattle and Daub Cottage, and dancing the light fantastic at winning the South Coast Tourism Awards, some of her crowning achievements. She has written 3 winning...
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Community Member - Georgina Jackson

June Lotzof

Community Roles: owner
June Lotzof is co-owner of The Original Gold Rush Colony with her daughter Maureen. June is a renowned international artist, with solo exhibitions at Norfolk Island, the Greek Embassy and most recently at the French Embassy in Canberra. The proceeds from that last successful exhibition went...
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Community Member - June Lotzof.

Janeena Woodville

Community Roles: Weddings and Functions Co-ordinator and Reception
Janeena has worked in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry for many years. With a background as Accommodation Manager in several hotels and resorts, both in Australia and Overseas, she understands the importance of offering a highly professional product. As our dedicated weddings and functions co...
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Community Member - Janeena Woodville

Barbara Gellatly

Community Roles: Reception
Nicknamed with love, the Jolly Lady from Faulty Towers, Barbara has been an inspiration for owner Maureen Nathan. She encouraged the purchase of Old Mogo Town as it was then known, as she recognized that it would provide a working home for many of the members of the highly successful amateur group...
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Period Portraits - In Sepia

Robert Legeay

Community Roles: Marketing Consultant Volunteer
Robert is Maureen's Life Partner, and brings his lifetime experience in the travel industry with Air France to The Original Gold Rush Colony, on a volunteer basis. Together they introduce the Original Gold Rush Colony at Principal's Conferences, where they are now well recognised for their...
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Heritage Costume - Robert Legeay

Lynda Downey

Community Roles: Caterer
Lynda happily states that cooking in the Diggers Rest Tavern beats catering on an outward bound bus. The Full Commercial Kitchen in the Original Gold Rush Colony, gives her the scope to cater for all types of groups and occasions. Examples: 140 primary school students on overnight excursions,...
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Community Member - Lynda Downey

Ross Hosking

Community Roles: Tour Guide School Activities - Headmaster
  Ross's knowledge of British, Australian & Local History and Australian Literature is particularly appropriate to his work with visiting school groups. Ross designed the educational module for the 1850s classroom experience in which he acts as a formal and stern schoolmaster,...
  • Colony Activities & Tours
Community Member - Ross Hosking

Rob Wombey

Community Roles: Tour Guide- School Activities - Headmaster
Tour Guide and Actor Rob Wombey brings his exuberant skills to make the Penny School lessons for School excursion groups at The Original Gold Rush Colony in Mogo fun for all.The classic gown he wears as the Headmaster is typical of the 1850's teachers and professors. At other times you will enjoy...
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Events -Guitar Strumming Singalong

Elizabeth McLennan

Community Roles: Photographer
Elizabeth is the Grandmother of our team, coaxed out of retirement by Maureen in 2002 to set-up the financial side of this growing business. She fell in love with the park and is still here. Elizabeth is a keen photographer and saw a niche market at The Original Gold Rush Colony for Period...
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Community Member - Elizabeth McLennan

Corey James Peterson

Community Roles: Outdoors manager. Tour guide. Bus driver
Corey is the longest serving member of staff, joining Old Mogo Town in its infancy. He has taken extended leave on occasions to work in other tourist facilities, and returned with an enhanced skill base. He is seen here in his traditional dry-as-a-bone which he wears as a uniform in wet or cold...
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Community Member - Corey Peterson

Rod Slockee

Community Roles: Koorie Educational Officer
Rod is a wonderful historian and educator on all aspects of Koorie Life. Local Aboriginal Community Liason Officer Rod is co-ordinator for all our Koorie activities at the Gold Rush Colony. Rod is a leader in his field running our bush tucker walks, dreamtime stories, cultural stories, traditional...
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Schools - Koorie  Bushtucker Of The Eurobodalla

Anna Jarrett

Community Roles: Storyteller
Anna Jarrett is an internationally acclaimed Australian professional storyteller and accredited trainer with 25 years experience travelling and telling stories. She has been featured at major Australian and international festivals in New Zealand, USA and Singapore. Her stories have been enjoyed by...
  • Colony Activities & Tours
Activity - Mini Harp Playing At Mogo

Tim Lassau

Community Roles: Surfing Instructor - Offsite
Tim is a 3rd generation south coast local who knows nearly all that is possible to know about the beautiful beaches and waterways of the Batemans Bay area.He has 2  teaching Degrees from Wollongong University. He has travelled abroad, teaching swimming and lifeguarding at a summer camp in...
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Community Member - Tim Lassau

Glenn Hall

Community Roles: Surfing Instructor - Offsite
Glenn signed a contract with St George Ruby Club in 1997, and was also employed by the club's junior rugby league development officer. Glen left St George to travel to California where he worked as a wakeboard/waterski instructor. He then worked In the Kids Snowboard Program in Whistler and...
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Community Member - Glenn Hall

Sharon "Darkie" Mason

Community Roles: Aboriginal Activities
Sharon "Darkie" Mason Born in 1972, Sydney. Her totem is "Umburra" black duck and is Yuin, Gunia/Kurni, Monaro, Dhungutti women. Sharon is a traditional dancer, artist, basket weaver, teacher and tour guide. Sharon has worked at the Rocks Discovery Museum doing tours around Sydney Harbour Basin....
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Sharon Mason art.jpg

Michael Murray

Community Roles: gardening and maintenance
Michael is the happy chappy, raking leaves and keeping the mess from the Mogo State Forest at bay. He has a keen eye for tidyness, and ensures that the Camp Kitchen is spotless at all times. In rest periods he regales us with stories about his trip to France.
  • Maintenance & Housekeeping
Community Member - Michael Murray

Kathy Evans

Community Roles: Housekeeping
Nickname: Miss Spotless. Kathy never says no, when called on to do housekeeping, from mopping the tavern to making any beds.
  • Maintenance & Housekeeping
Community Member - Kathy Evans

Simon Minogue

Community Roles: Gardener
Simon's years of loving attention to the grounds of The Original gold Rush Colony have paid off in creating a blend of old and new. It is very difficult to retain the rustic rugged Aussie feel whilst in the 21st century. Simon's range of experience includes green keeper at the Kangaroo Valley...
  • Maintenance & Housekeeping
Community Member - Simon Minogue

The Woodies

Community Roles: The Eurobodalla Woodworkers Guild
The Eurobodalla Wood Craft Guild was formed in 1987.  Since that time it has had several bases. Since 2009 the club has been located in the grounds of The Original Gold Rush Colony.  The aim of he club is to provide people with the opportunity to work with wood on many different projects...
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Community Members - The Woodies and Andrew

The Spinners

Community Roles: Gold Rush Colony Artisans and Clubs
The Eurobodalla Spinners group meet in The Diggers Rest Tavern at the Original Gold Rush Colony 2 wednesdays a month and on heritage days. New Members welcome. School groups may be lucky enough to experience these charming ladies in the background. The Eurobodalla Spinners (TES) at the Original...
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Artisans - Community  Members - The Spinners

Warren And Dorothy Randall

Community Roles: Our Wonderful Volunteers
Dorothy is our volunteer curator. She subtly moves the pieces in the living museum of the Original Gold Rush Colony to create continual interest as she dusts and polishes. Warren has been the engineering dynamo on the premises. He has ensured that the waterwheel keeps turning, and the crusher...
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Community Members - Dorothy and Warren

Moruya Antique Machinery And Tractor Association

The club was formed in late 1996 and incorporated in 1997. The Moruya Agricultural Society had wanted to display some vintage farm machinery at their 120th Anniversary Show in 1996 to facilitate this a small group of local men who had discovered a common interest in vintage tractors agreed to...
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Community Members - Moruya Antique Machinery And Tractor Association

Shane Wehner

Community Roles: Head Coach and Owner of Broulee Surf School
Shane began surfing at the age of 10 under the guidance of his father Kel, local surfboard maker and surfing coach. At the end of high school, Shane pursued a professional surfing career on the ASP world tour for 10 years; the highlight a second place finish in the prestigious Pipeline Master in...
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