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Identification Of Danger In Your Environment

Everyday Dangers Identified Under Supervision

The Original Gold Rush Colony site is an ideal area for children to explore and identify “ Danger In Your Environment”  in a controlled situation.

Our risk assessment form makes it obvious that there are a range of hazards that children would not be exposed to in a cushioned metropolitan existence.  Children from a rural environment are more inclined to be blasé about these hazards, and need to be aware of how to handle the situation.

The rustic 1850’s conditions include gravel paths, rough and uneven surfaces, 3 unfenced dams  and free ranging poultry, with the resultant bird-droppings. Most of the buildings are timber. The display areas of an 1850’s gold rush are no longer bright and polished, and if handled in-appropriately could cause injury.  Children could identify items within the displays such as axes and picks, or the locked up cut throat razor. There is also a fenced in swimminbg pool.

This program should be run in conjunctions with the CPR Help program run by Lisa Brandes on site.

Educational / Recreational Activity Details
Approximate Duration: 
1 to 1 1/2 hours
Group Activity Pricing: 
Schools - $6 per student (teachers & bus drivers free of charge)
High school, Special interest groups) - $8.00 per person
Activity Suitable For: 
Primary Schools (Years 5&6)
Secondary Schools (Youth)
Tertiary & International Students (Young Adults)
Special Interest Groups (All Ages)

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