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CPR  Maipulation On Mannikens

CPR On The Goldfields

How To Handle Dangerous Situations

The Original Gold Rush Colony is delighted to offer a new and exciting optional extra for school camps and excursions.  Children’s knowledge of CPR and how to handle dangerous situations have become more important to educators. It is desirable to equip the children with confidence and the ability to handle  an emergency situation, which  could save lives in their home environment and community.
The CPR HELP program offers children a fun and rewarding experience.  It consists of music, role plays and hands on experience of the recovery position, manipulation of manikins along with challenging verbal discussions to enhance the use of ‘000’ and their home details.  

The CPR HELP program will improve children’s awareness and the use of the DRSABCD management.

  • Danger    - who is the most important person and why
  • Response    - explanation of the COWS principle
  • Send for help    - Call 000 for an ambulance
  • Airway    - how to clear and retain an open airway
  • Breathing    - specific techniques on rescue breaths
  • CPR    - precise instructions on how to deliver CPR with the use of manikins
  • Defibrillator    - explanation of what it is

Maximum of 30 children per class.  To be run in conjunction with the activity Identificaation of Danger In Your Environment. (Large groups may be split into smaller groups and rotated through the activity)

Educational / Recreational Activity Details
Approximate Duration: 
1 1/2 hours
Group Activity Pricing: 
Primary Schools - $15 per student (teachers & bus drivers free of charge)
High school, special interest groups - $18.00 per person ()
Activity Suitable For: 
Primary Schools (Years 5&6)
Secondary Schools (Youth)
Tertiary & International Students (Young Adults)
Special Interest Groups (All Ages)
All Educational Levels & Special Interest Group (All Ages)

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