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Overnight & Camps Information Sheet

What You And Your Students Need To Know About School Camps

The following information is for students and teachers coming to the Gold Rush Colony in Mogo for an overnight stay or School Camp. Covers what to bring & expectations of student behaviour etc., to help with your planning. If you need any further information to make the most of your school camp at this award-winning South Coast NSW educational and group accommodation facility, please contact us.

What To Bring For An Overnight Stayover Or School Camp

Students will need to bring the following with them for their overnight stay or school camp:

  • Bedding - Pillow & Sleeping Bag.
  • Toiletries and towel.
  • Lunch for the first day (unless otherwise arranged with the schools coordinator)
  • Insect repellant, sun block and a hat.
  • Wet weather clothes and suitable footwear as uneven surfaces prevail at the Gold Rush Colony.

Optional Extras For Students

  • Some money as the Gold Rush Colony has its own souvenir shop from which to purchase mementos of their visit.
  • A camera.

Student Supervision

Students must be supervised by their school at all times in and around the Gold Rush Colony.

The following are all everyday features of the Gold Rush Colony:

  • Unfenced dams
  • Uneven surfaces. Pathways are gravel and can be rough. There must be no running.
  • Native flora and fauna abound, as the Gold Rush Colony nestles in the State Forest.

Pool Usage: The Gold Rush Colony does have a swimming pool. Students and Staff will need to bring their own beach towels for use in the pool area. Students must be supervised at all times by staff when using the pool area. Normal pool rules apply. Students will need to be split into small groups of no more than 20 when using the pool.

Campfire Activities: As part of your confirmed itinerary and if Fire Bans permit, a Campfire may be lit for you by a member of the Gold Rush Colony staff. Students will need constant supervision around this area. The fire will be doused out by a member of the Gold rush Colony staff at 9pm. It is requested that students are not allowed to re-ignite the fire.

The Gold Rush Colony - Culture and Environment

The Gold Rush Colony is a private venture and receives no government funding. Its ethos is to save an important part of our local Australian history for the benefit of all its future visitors.

In order to protect the environment of the gold Rush Colony we request that:

  • All visiting students behave in a manner that does not detract from the rights of other people staying at, or visiting the Gold Rush Colony.
  • Our pet Geese, Ducks, Chickens, Guinea and Pea Fowl are left in peace to feel safe in their home without the danger of being chased.
  • All litter is placed in the bins provided around the park and that it is not allowed to blow around the grounds.
  • No gravel, rocks or Quartz is removed, taken from its position or thrown.
  • No artifact or item within the Gold Rush Colony is removed, taken from its position or climbed on.
  • All visiting students behave in a manner that does not cause any damage to the Gold Rush Colony property.
  • Everyone tries to conserve water whenever possible by not leaving taps running.
  • Everyone tries to conserve electricity whenever possible by turning off unnecessary lights and heating/cooling appliances.
  • Students are not allowed to bring Chewing or Bubble Gum.
  • No food or drink is consumed by students in the accommodation.
  • Any damage to the gold Rush Colony is made good by the visiting School.

The Gold Rush Colony staff would appreciate Teacher involvement with some activities eg: Traditional Bush dance and meal times.

Please note that students must be under Teacher Supervision at all times.

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