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My favourite lesson is where learning is taken out of the classroom into the real world.  This is particularly true with a recent three day, two night excursion for our Years 5-6 students.  Learning about life during the Gold Rush is often difficult to explain using books and pictures.  But to experience life in a gold mining village is the best way to see and learn.

Our Stage 3 students visited and stayed at the Old Mogo Town Village near Batemans Bay. The village contains a number of wooden buildings including an original mining shaft.  The students examined all of these throughout their stay.  They learnt about tools and equipment and saw the blacksmith at work.  We visited the church - which doubled as the school - for a bit of spelling and maths work.  The highlight was the waterwheel and the gold panning.  Most students found a speck or two of gold but agreed that it was hard work and would be very tedious to do it day in day out. The didn't think much of the miner's tents either, since they were very bare and didn't have a toilet.

No matter how much we talk about the gold era the students learnt more during their visit than I would have thought possible.  it also gave them a chance to share their knowledge of the Gold Rush and bushrangerrs with people in the village.

The satisfaction on their faces when they knew the answers to the questions being asked was very rewarding for me. This just shows that the best learning takes place when students are interacting with their environment and having fun in the process.  Even times tables in the school room turned into a laugh.  We had a great time in Mogo and I'm positive that the lessons learnt and the memoriew will stay with our students forever.

(Cover note sent by Chris- Thought I would send you a copy of the letter I wrote to Inform Magazine, a publication that covers all of NSW.  I wasn't sure if it would be published or not, but was surprised when it came out this week.  They left my letter in original form)

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Christine Payne Assistant Principal Hebrsham Public School
Inform Magazine
18 Aug 2003