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NSW South Coast School Camp For Sydney South Students

Dear M. Mogo and the Frenchman - Panning was absolutely great and it was great to see how the CRUSHER worked. I was amazed to see the tools that the miners used. At Old Mogo Town I learned a lot like how the Blacksmith and the Barber worked. I also learned how the Chinese were respected and how they worked together. It‘s very hard to say what might have been improved. It would have been better if there was a TV. Thank you for the Great time at Mogo!

I enjoyed going to class in the 1850’s because I didn’t realise how strict it was back then. The actors that pretended they were teachers were amazing. I also thought our tour guides were very interesting and smart.

The Visit to Old Mogo Town made me realise that life back then wasn’t easy, it was hard for everyone. When I heard that female teachers were dismissed when they got married because they couldn’t work and take care of their family at the same time, I was upset because I thought they could do both at the same time.

I really liked panning for gold. It was really enjoyable and exiting to pan for gold but also a little bit of hard work and the technique was difficult to master. The wild life was also good. There were lot of beautiful birds with bright colours.

One of the best bits was the thrilling bush dancing. I learnt a lot, like how the gold miner lived back in the 1850s. I also learnt how to pan for gold and how to live life in the bush.

Review Details
Pupils - Connells Point Public School
Connells Point - South Sydney NSW Australia
28 Nov 2007
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