Students Search For Goldfield Facts At Mogo

Geoscience Australia Graduate Program Visitors

Event Date: 
6 Jun 2003

The development of educational resources for school students studying geology and gold mining history began recently when six scientists from Geoscience Australia visited Old Mogo Town Gold Rush Theme Park.

Manager of the Theme Park Sam Lloyd initiated the field trip back in January, with a request for educational material to bridge an information gap on the topic of gold mining in the area, in order to extend the educational resource material available to the many school camps that visit the Park on their excursions

Subsequent to the supply of general information, graduates who learned of the request were looking for a project that would allow them to give something back to the community..... Tour guide and Geotechnician Charlie Hyde led the group of graduates on a fact finding mission to the goldfields in and around the Mogo area ...over a four day period.

Story in News in Focus  Bay Post.

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Mogo NSW Australia
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Geoscience Australia and Old Mogo Town

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