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2 Nov 2014

Geoff Seymour reckons singing and playing music is the most fun you can have with your clothes on!

“I particularly enjoy songs that are funny, or at least a bit quirky, or optimistic. I usually avoid songs that are overly syrupy or sentimental - (‘schmaltzy’ is probably the technical term). I try to get the audience involved - the easiest way to entertain people is to have them entertain themselves!”

Geoff started teaching himself to play the ukulele at age 14, after he found the uke and an instruction book for sale in, of all places, the front window of the local Greek cafe. Later came the guitar, then banjo, and later, mandolin. Along the way he accumulated many songs and tunes. At first it was from American ‘folk revival’ groups like ‘The Kingston Trio’, then he found that there were Australian folk songs as well, and learnt many of them. Then the (Melbourne) Bushwackers came along with an album of dance tunes for bush dances, and that triggered an interest in learning tunes, especially the ‘collected’ tunes gathered from the old bush fiddlers and accordion players.

“I had the good luck to play regularly with one accordion player - Lance Ryan, then of East Lynne. He, guitarist and singer Vic Apps, and I formed a little band we called “The Sow’s Ear” (because we would never make a silk purse out of it). We played together (in our houses) nearly every week for about 13 years, until first Vic then later Lance moved to Queensland. We only played in public a couple of times a year, but kept practising because we enjoyed it so much.

In more recent years I’ve been doing more singing, with the Uke group (Seaside Ukulele Orchestra) and the choir (Bay Theatre Singers).  I’ve now been making music for more than 50 years, and it has been a great way to meet people and make friends.”

You can catch Geoff at the Old Gold Folk Club, next Sunday (2 November) from 4pm onwards.  Bawley Point Morris Dancer Tim Beckett will also be back with another entertaining Morris dance, this one with the intriguing title “Lumps of Plum Pudding”!  Resident band Ballyhooley, fresh from appearing at the Kangaroo Valley Folk Festival, has more new songs for you, and we'll have other guests as time permits.

All this at the Digger's Rest Tavern in the Original Gold Colony at Mogo, Sunday 2 November, from 4-7pm.  Admission is free, bar and snack foods available, but remember, no EFTPOS!

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Free Entry
The Diggers Rest Tavern
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The Gold Rush Colony
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4474 2123

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