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Norwegian Fiddle At The Folk Club

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3 Aug 2014

The Old Gold Folk Club likes to bring interesting instruments for your delectation, and this month we've scored highly. The Hardanger fiddle, or in Norwegian, Hardangfele, is the traditional bowed stringed instrument of Norway. Modern instruments are quite similar to the violin in appearance, but Hardangfele have eight or nine strings, and are usually lighter built than violins. Four strings are bowed as per the violin, and four or five sympathetic strings threaded under the fingerboard resonate under the influence of the four bowed strings, creating a pleasant echo-like effect.

Tunings vary greatly, depending on the music played. The traditional music played on Hardangfele is strongly based in the particular key the instrument is tuned for at the time, which increases the resonance of the understrings and adds to the characteristic sound. Traditionally Hardangfele music is played solo.

In place of the jigs and reels common in the Anglo-Celtic traditions, Norway has its own musical styles.  There are Springar or Pols, counted in three, and Halling and Gangar, counted in two, as well as waltzes, airs and other forms. These are sometimes rhythmically complex.

Canberra dance musician Lins Vellen will play a selection of the more accessible solo hardanger tunes for you.  Her Australian-made fiddle was crafted by Canberra luthier, Graham McDonald, which explains the beautiful red wombat adornment at the top. Lins will also bring a normal fiddle, so you'll be able to hear both compared – a unique musical opportunity.  Make sure any violinists or fiddle players you know get to hear about it!

Resident band Ballyhooley will also be there with a range of Irish, Australian, English, Scottish American and maritime songs and tunes to entertain you, and we're sure to have contributions from other local singers.

The Old Gold Folk Club runs from 3:00pm to at least 6:00pm, Sunday 3rd August, at the Digger's Rest Tavern, Original Gold Rush Colony, Mogo.  There's no charge for admission, and drinks and snacks are available from the bar.  But remember, EFTPOS hadn't been invented by the goldrush days, so bring some cash!

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The Diggers Rest Tavern
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The Old Gold Folk Club
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