Old Gold Folk Club

Special Guest Performer Steve Wilson

Steve Wilson playing his concertina
Event Date: 
1 Jun 2014

The Man With The Concertina June 2014

The audience at last month's Old Gold Folk Club certainly enjoyed our special guest, Irish piper and singer, James Faulkner.  So much so, we ended up running well over time and still couldn't accommodate all the performers available.  And this month, we offer another special guest and another unique musical experience - Steve Wilson - The Man with the Concertina.

Steve Wilson’s musical grounding lies in Australian traditional music.  He has performed professionally since his student days, been in bush bands, plays a variety of instruments, sings and calls dances.  For a period of over twenty years he performed solo and fully professionally, touring schools presenting shows of Australian folk music and culture, and winning multiple awards.

Steve now concentrates on song performance with concertina and a repertoire of Australian folk and beyond to include original compositions and covers of popular songs, something unusual for a concertinist.   He enjoys performing at local folk clubs, aged care facilities, community events and festivals.

The concertina is reputed to be the only musical instrument invented by an Englishman.  That Englishman was Charles Wheatstone, an important scientist and inventor in the Victorian era.  He also made significant advances in electrical measurement, 3D imaging and the telegraph.  This will be our first concertina at the Old Gold Folk Club, but hopefully not the last!

The Old Gold Folk Club runs from 3 to 6pm, Sunday 1 June, at the Digger's Rest Tavern, Original Gold Rush Colony, Mogo.  There's no charge for admission, and drinks and snacks are available from the bar.  But remember, EFTPOS hadn't been invented by then, so bring some cash!

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