Flanagan's Wake Epilogue

Raffle Winner

Colin explains Aboiginal Art
Event Date: 
24 Feb 2014

At the end of the final performance of The Wake of Joe Flanagan, Colin took centre stage to explain the stories behind his two pieces of Aboriginal Art, about the wise whale that explains the duties of a man in a family, and the need to seek a bride from outside your own clan. He then drew the ticket held byJan and Ross Stocker of Narooma whowere delighted to win the 1st prize in the raffle fund raiser for The House With No Steps.

They chose the 2 Dolphins, an Aborignal story about intermarriage. This culminated their happy stay in the on site accommodation at The Original Gold Rush Colony, and the Music Hall Melodrama Theatre Restaurant fund raiser in the Diggers Rest Tavern.