Koorie Culture Preservation of An Ancient Heritage

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At the Original Gold Rush Colony in Mogo we do what we can to help the local Koorie Communities of the NSW South Coast preserve their native Australian heritage.

The colony work closely with Rod Slockee and the elders of the South Coast New South Wales Australian Aboriginal communities. Opportunities are available for Koorie culture to be shared and celebrated providing an educational experiences to young and old.

Some of the activities available for School Excursions, School Camps and Group Bookings and Retreats include Koorie Dream-time stories around the camp fire, Koorie Culture sessions and Dot Painting classes by Norma Peterson.

There is an Australian bush tucker garden on site, which allows for easy identification of some of the local coastal food types that were gathered and eaten by the Aboriginal population of the South Coast and are still available today.

Skin names  of the south coast area and the Yuen Nation were effectively lost because the displacement was so rapid, and before Europeans recognised the importance of  skin-names. We are in an area where there is a resurgence in the use of skin names.

Through modern technology, the concepts that have survived in the Norther Territory etc are now being adapted to our area.  Primary schools now have Aboriginal Liason Officers. The use of smart boards are improving the learning opportunities at an exponential rate. Mogo Primary School can link with Broulee and Sunshine Bay for students to learn Durga the Koorie dialect spoken in this region.