The Australian Gold Rush

Gold Equipment - Wooden Rocking Cradle

Hargraves is often regarded as the father of the Australian Gold Rush. On his return from California, he saw geological similarities in his own district of Bathurst. It is less known that shepherds, the brothers John and WilliamTom and James Lister, found the gold Edward Hargraves later presented to the Colonial Secretary. It took until 1890 for a select committee of the NSW Legislative Assembly to give recognition to them.

Hargraves is also attributed with the invention of the cradle and the discovery of gold in Ballarat.
Hargraves was in the right place at the right time.

The Bathurst gold was the catalyst for a large wave of migration and a source of revenue for England who made sure all the gold ended up back in the old country.
The "epicentre" of the gold rush in New South Wales was the Bathurst district and with the word spreading, hopeful prospectors started to arrive from the British Isles, Europe, China and America. The rush started in a frenzy at Ophir but the easy gold was soon taken and diggers began to drift around searching for new prospects.

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