Chinese On The Australian Gold Fields

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Overview - Chinese People Living On 1800s Australian Goldfields - New South Wales

The number of Chinese people that came to Australia in the 1800's Gold Rush is open to speculation. It is believed about 7000 Chinese worked in the Araluen gold fields in Southern NSW.

Australia first became multi-cultural during the gold rush period with mass international immigration to Australia. The lure of gold however often took a personal toll on individuals of all persuasions, particularly those who did not speak English.

The Chinese were particularly industrious, with techniques that differed widely from the Europeans. This and their physical appearance and fear of the unknown led to them to being persecuted in a racist way that would be regarded as untenable today.

Follow the links below to discover more - Chinese Communities in the goldrush days, Chinese Gold Mining Methods and Anti-Chinese Racism. Visit the Joss House for information on one aspect of Chinese religion and practice in early Australian History.

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