The Link Between The Clarkes And Public Education

Events - School Master Mr Wombey
Community Member - Ross Hosking

The Clarkes and other bush-rangers may have had some influence in Parkes's campaign for educational reforms. In his electioneering speeches of 1867 he spoke of the Clarkes and the necessity of schools in the outback as a way of putting down bush-ranging.

"The Clarkes and other executed bush-rangers were in large measure the victims of circumstances. The eyes of the children of the bush opened upon wild, savage scenery. They grew up creatures of a warm, passionate nature, without knowledge and respect for the law of the land and without any bonds to bind them to the rest of society. We want the means of instructing the young so they shall form an honest and intelligent generation when we shall have passed away".

Subsequently an attempt was made in the Braidwood district to improve the opportunities for education and the public education system was born.

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