Law Enforcement In The Colony

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Australian Historical Law Enforcement - Colony Government

Government buildings of the Gold Rush days were often the most strongly constructed buildings in a region. This was as much to provide security for the Police who were usually undermanned, as to reflect the power of government.

In the relatively lawless society of the gold-rush period the Police were often powerless and most certainly unpopular. This was especially so as a result of the unpopular laws they were called upon to administer, particularly in the gold rush days diggings.

Many people in the diggings considered themselves Colonials and saw much of the English law as unfair as it often favoured the "landed gentry" and disadvantaged the diggers. In fact, some of the licensing laws were designed to force the diggers back into the paid workforce. One of the less popular laws required gold to be sold at the Police Station or Post Office within ten days at the Government set prices.