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The bushrangers of the Australian gold rush era include the notorious Ned Kelly, Ben Hall, Captain Lightning, Frank Gardiner and Thunderbolt. The murderous Clarke brothers of the Clarke and Connell gang were considered to be worse than any other bushrangers of the times and became known as "The Bloodiest Bushrangers".

They were sons of an ex-convict in the Monaro, who raised his children to believe in his views of the fair and equitable distribution of property, beginning with horse and cattle stealing.
The Clarke gang of relatives and friends was well trained in bushcraft and heavily armed. They maruaded through the area of the "Araluen Gold Fields".

They plundered publicans and storekeepers and ambushed Gold shipments from Nerrigundah and Araluen and the coaches that travelled from Sydney and the Illawarra. They moved virtually unchecked until November 1866 when they were caught by a posse of troopers.

The Clarke Brothers when finally captured and shackled where transported to Braidwood, then down the Corn Trail to Nelligen. They were shackled to the prison tree at Nelligen while waiting for transport by Steam Packet boat to Sydney and their legal Trials.
Tom Clarke, 26, and brother John, 24, were hanged from twin gallows at Darlinghurst Jail on June 25th, 1867, ending a reign of terror on the New South Wales south coast which cost the lives of eight men.