Australian Gold Rush History - Law & Order

Events - Re-Enactment Day
Events - Judgement In 1850's Australia

During this turbulent time in Australia's history, the population had a shift in the due processes of life. The colonies had first been established as Penal Settlements, but now many of the convicts had served their time, and had been freed. Immigrants had begun to arrive in search of a new beginning, in this exotic land far away from troubled Europe. The acknowledgement of the discovery of gold hastened this process.

Law and  Order was still based on the power of the English, and the strength of Queen Victoria's rule. This section covers some of the problems and solutions encountered by the early 1850s settlers. Read about the notorious bush-rangers of the day,the troopers, use of "black-trackers", law enforcement (or lack of it) and the state of governmental entities.

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