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When you stay at the Original Gold Rush Colony's South Coast Accommodation, cabins and bunkhouses, you have access to a range of on-site activities and are located close to all the Tourism Attractions of Mogo, Batemans Bay and the NSW South Coast region.
NSW South Coast, Batemans Bay - A Holiday Paradise
Historical - Nelligen Prison Tree of 1862

The township of Mogo was born during the days of the Australian Gold Rush in 1851. Although the gold has all but gone, local fossikers still come up with good colour, especially after a good dump of rain.

Communal Eating Area
Camp Kitchen

The Camp Kitchen is the hub of activity for many guests. It is primarily used by people staying in the bunkrooms which do not have their own kitchen facilities.

Team Sport Or One on One
Activity - Volleyball Court On South Coast

The Volley Ball court is located just below the Camp Kitchen, on the edge of the Mogo State Forest. Enjoy a game with the family whilst dinner is cooking on the gas B-B-Q. It is close enough for you to race back to turn the snags. You are advised to take care when multi-tasking like this, that you dont burn your dinner.

A Short Walk Hitting A Ball
35) Steam Boiler

The 4 hole Gold Rush Rustic Mini Golf Course may be used by in house guests through daylight hours. Each hole tells the tale of the Araluen Gold Rush.

The course was designed by owner Maureen Nathan and built by Corey Peterson with his team, to provide a low cost fun experience for visitors.

Cool Off  From The Heat
Gold Rush Colony Swimming Pool

The Original Gold Rush Colony Solar Heated swimming pool is there for overnight accommodation guests to enjoy. The pool mural was painted by Mogo children under the guiding hand of Koorie educator and artist Rod Slockee.

The shade frames were built as a gift to the Original Gold Rush Colony by the Nets 4 Wheel Drive Club.

Australian Bush Surrounded By The Mogo State Forest
Nature - Fairy Tree

The Original Gold Rush Colony is rich in native Australian fauna and flora. The natural bush and the many lakes attract birds such as Ducks, Rosellas, Galahs, King Parrots, Herrons.

Gold Rush Theme Park
18) Mogo Inn, Shanty Pub Veranda

Guests of the Gold Rush Colony's South Coast Accommodation receive complimentary entry into the theme park valued at $50 a family of 4.

There are 4 guided tours daily (10.30am, 12 noon, 1.30pm and 3pm). Tours take 1 hour followed by trying your luck,  and striking it rich when you pan for Gold.

Stars Are Brighter - Clear Clean South Coast NSW Country Night Sky Viewing
Eclipse 1 2007

The grounds of the Original Gold Rush Colony are a perfect place to watch the movement of the celestial bodies on a clear night. Re-capture your childhood and lie on your back on the grass paddock and dream about astral travel, or watch the stars and moon come into focus.

We can't guarantee there will be no clouds, but we do recommend you look up and re-discover the brightness of the stars without the city smog. A free, fun holiday activity for all ages.

These photographs were taken in the Colony grounds during the lunar eclipse of 2007.

Flights of Birds Into The Colony
Birdlife - Kookaburra

Staying overnight in the South Coast Accommodation's self-contained cabins at the Original Gold Rush Colony in Mogo, gives the keen birdwatcher an ideal base for a bird watching experience.

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