Work Environment

A Place For Personal Growth

Heritage Costume - June Lotzof

The Staff of the Original Gold Rush Colony are encouraged to practice that they work with the owners and management, and not for them. We have a suggestions and observations log, where changes to operational systems and procedures of any aspect of the business can be noted for immediate consideration by management and owners.

Compliments about any individual staff member by our clients are passed on to the staff member, management and the owners.

Staff members bring a range of personalities, skills and personal talents to the Colony. The core work has to be consistent, however each staff member is encouraged to add a personal twist to their work. For example, tour  guides have the basic facts that must be brought out at each display, however those who have an interest in economics, machinery, Australiana trivia, or bushranger history, are free to add their colour to the tales.

Maintenance and Housekeeping staff have a fine reputation, and have come up with many innovative ideas that have been put into place.

All staff are encouraged to do training through TAFE and other educational facilities, and attend workshops and conferences. These are either fully funded or subsidised by the Colony, e.g. bus driver licence, food handling, RSA (responsible serving of alcohol) marketing and tourism. Work experience opportunities are provided for all ages, from school students, to mature age re-entry individuals.

Flexible rosters and work loads try to accommodate the needs of staff with family or social commitments, e.g. school age children, as carers or in the theatre.

We work closely with Workability who place people into the workforce for rehabilitation. Workability screens the individuals to ensure that they fit into our facility where they are working in an environment with children and tourists, and we have a need to keep the bushland setting in appropriate condition.  Since 1999 the current ownership have watched the personal growth and development and rehabilitation into the workforce of many individuals, with a record of success that prompted a nomination for the Prime Minister's Employer of the Year Award.