Environmental Footprint

The Bush And The Gold Rush Colony

South Coast Accommodation  -Across Lake
Mogo State Forest From the Air

The Original Gold Rush Colony is bounded on 3 sides by the Mogo State Forest, with an underground riparian waterway flowing through the Theme Park. Three lakes were built by previous owners.

Water from the slopes of the Accommodation is harvested in 3 ornamental lakes, either from surface flow across grassed slopes, through seepage, or in drains from the accommodation and management areas. Health of the lakes is maintained, just listen to the frog chorus at dusk.

Mogo village is proud to be plastic bag free. The Original Gold Rush Colony as part of Mogo is part of this initiative.

The Gold Rush Colony has put into place a workable recycling policy with cardboard, plastic and glass.

Native planting around the grounds is ongoing with new plants sourced locally.

Wood for the fires in the tavern is harvested correctly, or bought in when necessary.

We continue to be a member of "Business Treading lightly".

The staff are all environmentally conscious. Corey Peterson is a volunteer in the local Bush Fire Brigade and Janeena Woodville is a long time member with WIRES. Georgina Jackson has created a model Vegetable Garden, with a zero carbon footprint.

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