Corporate Philosophy

We Can Do It - Lets Get On With The Job

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Maureen believes that there is an absolute need for employees and employers to be able to all identify the goals of the business, then all work out ways to achieve them for the mutual benefit of owners, staff and clientèle.

The overriding company philosophy of the Original Gold Rush Colony is to encourage and foster ownership in what the Colony represents.

We foster a work ethic and belief that everyone is capable of being productive in their own way and time, and should be rewarded for their efforts.

We believe in a team spirit of mutual support and appropriate delegation and acceptance of integrated tasks within a very complex and unusual world.

We encourage and expect self respect, mutual respect, and respect for property both physical and intellectual, so that recognition is given for the creator of any goods or services.

It is expected that everyone takes responsibility for the consequences of their own actions.

The Aim of the Original Gold Rush Colony in Mogo, is to preserve Australian History, traditions and crafts so that all can learn from Australian heritage and culture it in a productive fashion. The activities of clubs such as spinners, weavers, woodworkers and those interested in antique machinery, bring the colony alive.

For many of the volunteers, club members, staff and visitors, the existence of The Original Gold Rush Colony and all it represents gives people a reason to get up in the morning!