Background on the Owners

Family Proud to be Australian

Awards - Winner  2008 South Coast Tourism

Maureen Nathan the Managing Director of the Original Gold Rush Colony, and her mother June Lotzof were both born in South Africa. The Lotzof family immigrated to Australia in 1960, because Dr Len Lotzof wanted to live in a country free from bigotry and racism, where hard work was rewarded, and tolerance and a fair go were king. The choices at the time were to go to either Canada or those states of Australia, where his medical degree would be recognised. June wanted a warm climate preferably by the sea, and a largish town in which to raise her two sons and daughter.

The family arrived in December, and rapidly found that the situation was not as easy as they might have hoped. Australia still had a great deal of intolerance and prejudice, primarily against DP's from Europe. June applied for positions for her husband as his typical doctors scrawl was all but illegible. The family surname originated from Russia, and she filled in the application form as of "European Descent" (meaning white not Negroid to her). In Australia both of these factors implied a heavily accented English speech. It was only several years later at medical conferences, when doctors heard Len's impeccable English that the prospective employers realised their bigotry had cost them a valuable colleague.

Australia during the 60's and 70's was generous in her bounty to those who were prepared to work hard and save. The entire family prospered, with all 3 children having university  educations, with their children following in their footsteps. June is now a great-grand-mother to 2nd generation Australian born children.